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"I think Im Jaded...Make a sport of it...cuz I am numb now to the shit...RES"
I am a Brooklyn Born, Queer Femme of COLOR, DYKE, FREAK, FATSHIONISTA.
I love Yogurt covered raisins, cinnamon, HONEY, lavender, Jasmine...CATS, Monkeys, Elephants, MOC POC's, Texture, FUNK, MESHELL NDEGOECELLO,
Rum, Cheese, GIN, Carmex, anti-oppresionary dialogues/monologues. I like MY BIG BLACK BODY...HIPS, BREAST, ASS, HANDS, FEET,HAIR
I believe in energy and powerful connection. My spirit lives between thoughts of wildflowers and Moonlight..I write because when I am overwhelmed with how I feel it is the only way I know how to move in or out if it.
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If they can raise 17k for Dashcon, we can raise 17k for homeless LGBTQ youth. →


Recently, the admins of a fan-based Tumblr convention, Dashcon 2014, ran into some trouble. Allegedly, the staff of the hotel that was hosting their convention demanded to be paid 17,000 dollars, or else they would shut down Dashcon. The Dashcon admins responded by asking the…


How to handle street harrasment…

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Do I love you?, Do I lust for you? Am I a sinner because i do the two?




Portraits of homeless LGBT youth may help them find “forever families”

A New York City gallery has turned its cameras toward LGBTQ youth in the hopes it will help them finally find loving homes.

Heart Gallery NYC, a traveling exhibition of professional pictures taken by award-winning photographers of children in foster care looking for “forever families,” has set up in shop in Times Square, spotlighting LGBTQ young adults. The exhibition, which is the first of its kind, coincides with National Pride Month and will culminate at New York’s Pridefest on June 29.

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brb crying 


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Anonymous asked: Your gf don't mind your hairy vagina and legs? Kudos to her.



"kudos to her"? for what? For not caring about MY body hair? If I don’t wanna shave, then I’m not gonna fucking shave. If I wanna shave, then I’ll shave.

Idc what ANYONE has to say about MY body b/c it’s MY FUCKING BODY and I can do w/e tf I want w/ it!




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Bounce queen Big Freedia's long-time DJ Rusty Lazer on the rise of twerking in Puja Patel's "Bouncing Back", a piece about bounce culture and the first all-female brass band to win New Orleans’ Street Kings competition. (via highkeygay)

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It’s remarkable how outsiders have treated [twerk]—seeing a four-year-old twerking is not an uncommon thing in New Orleans. These kids grow up in a community where there’s no innuendo; it’s acrobatics, it’s expression, it’s part of music culture. People see a female ass move and think it’s only good for one thing: provoking or providing sex. The controversy speaks to the level of sexual maturity in pop; that they don’t see the world, or movement, as a complex tapestry.

What’s Actually Holding You Back In the Office (Hint: It’s Not Your Feminine Voice)

i appreciate most of this piece—and overall, the point is an important one. i do, however, think it’s important to note that

  • this also affects people who may not ID as women but are perceived/forcibly assigned as such. femininity/masculinity is not a neat binary
  • trans women face an entirely different set of damn near insurmountable barriers in the office as it pertains to navigating “acceptable” femininity
  • black women are by no means “quite new to the workplace”

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Women know that femininity is both punished and rewarded. We also know that acting more ‘masculine’ — being openly ambitious in the workplace, or ‘pushy’ or ‘brusque,’ or speaking directly — can carry both risk and reward. A few weeks ago, in response to an Atlantic cover story about how the “confidence gap” is holding women back in the workplaces, Jessica Valenti at The Guardian suggested that women refrain from negotiating salaries and asking for raises and promotions because they know it can have negative consequences. It’s not a ‘confidence gap’ that holds us back — or at least, it’s not only that — it’s an accurate reading of the reality. We know we’re supposed to ‘lean in,’ but we also know that doing so can have negative consequences, because leaning in isn’t feminine. Asking a direct question or speaking in a low voice isn’t feminine. Making declarative statements with no friendly, deferential, self-doubting question mark at the end, isn’t feminine. We know that in order to achieve what we want, we sometimes have to expend extra energy making sure that people aren’t uncomfortable with how we talk or dress or behave. We have to collude with the expectation that we should be feminine. But we will also be punished for that femininity. This is the impossibly fine lose-lose line we toe, and though women are, historically speaking, quite new to the workplace, we have been toeing this line for centuries.
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